SATURN / Tollwood Festival / Muffatwerk

time frame since 2010

Briefing: SATURN is Europe’s largest electronics retailer. SATURN maintains a total of six branches in Munich alone.

Approach: SATURN was looking for ways to engage music lovers in targeting their CD offering, and to better position themselves as a hi-fi, TV and computer specialist. In addition, the image of the pure budget provider should be shaken off. Pentaship developed several brand names for SATURN, including one at the Tollwood Festival and one in the Muffatwerk.

At the Tollwood Festival SATURN acted as naming sponsor of the “SATURN MUSIK-ARENA”. Tollwood has shown a total of 25 international pop, rock and jazz concerts during the four-week festival season. Around 1,500,000 visitors come to the Tollwood Festival every year.

The new naming “SATURN MUSIK-ARENA” was communicated on all channels and was also honored by the feature pages of the daily newspapers with mentions such as “Katie Melua in the Saturn Music Arena” (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

SATURN became the main sponsor of the Muffatwerk. Pentaship developed in cooperation with SATURN and AUDI the “Classic Jazz Lounge” with world-famous classical and jazz artists.

Accompanying this, the sponsorship of SATURN was communicated on all channels and cooperations were concluded with radio broadcasters, which included not only spots but also live coverage.

Results: Overall, the campaign reached a media reach of around 240 million contacts. The marketing resulted in more than 230 reports in TV, print and online media. SATURN increased its brand awareness and opened up new target groups. The brand was also able to successfully build an image as an event music sponsor.

21. August 2014