MVG and Literaturfest München

Briefing: The Münchener Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) is a public municipal carrier operating subway lines, trams and city buses for short-distance-traffic in Munich.

The MVG would like to promote its recently introduced products such as the MVG-app and the HandyTicket (tickets via mobile phones) next to sport and entertainment events and start an authentic dialogue with these target groups.

Approach: Pentaship developed a concept including extensive communication benefits and made the MVG the mobility partner of the Literaturfest München. Designing sites for journey descriptions on all four websites of the Literaturfest was the co-operations core integrating reasonable product ads in the direction leads.

Also MVG stands for sustainability and what could be more sustainable than a ticket that doesn´t require paper and using the “MVG-Shuttle” instead of a limousine?

As mobility partner the MVG provided an “MVG-Shuttle-Service” in kind of HandyTickets to pick up some 100 international writers and artists from the airport and have them transported to their hotels via public transport.

Results: All in all the campaign generated a media range of approximately 40 million contacts. MVG increased its products awareness and entered new target groups. Also the brand successfully built an image as a cultural Sponsor and could use the new topics for its content management.

13. November 2014