Pentaship navigates more precisely,
more networked and therefore
more reasonably priced than traditional
container ship agencies.



fast, flexible, analytic, innovative

We accept the Sponsoring challenge of our clients and develop practical solutions for brands and organizers / hosts.

We make sure that Sponsoring engagements unfold their full potential resulting in an impact on the growth of companies and cultural event organizers.

For companies and brands

we issue innovative strategies, provide insights in consumer behaviour, issue analysis, plan, navigate and maximise the results – always keeping the budget and goals in mind.

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For organizers / hosts and cultural organisations

we develop innovative Sponsoring concepts and partner programs. We find Sponsors and accompany all Sponsoring processes.

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What we do for companies and brands

Companies and brands approach us in need of suitable Sponsoring partners or waterproof Sponsoring strategies and the appropriate assessments.

Be it to pick the best chances and opportunities, to find the suitable Sponsoring partner, to appraise the market value of partnerships or to develop the ideal activating strategy – effective Sponsoring is an art that requires expertise, knowledge and new ideas.

If you want answers to the following questions, please contact us:

  • What are we getting in return?
  • Did we get what we paid for?
  • What is working and what´s not?
  • How can we do it better?
  • How much should we pay?
  • What should we sponsor and how should we get involved?
  • Sponsoring Assessment

    Does your new Sponsoring event make sense for your target group?

    We believe that traditional ROI-assessments today aren´t suffice enough anymore to evaluate ones success in Sponsoring.

    Event organizers and brands seek Pentaship´s assistance to assess the value of their Sponsorships better – therefore tangible facts like media response or entertainment value for their customers.

    With respect to the afore defined business objectives we also evaluate the even more important immaterial elements such as emotional feedback and audience loyalty, which get stronger by Sponsorship.

    Our applied methods enable to assess the true value of Sponsoring offers. We maximise the closeness of matching target groups and therefore the Return on Investment – regarding all options of the partnership:

  • Sponsoring
  • Promotions
  • Naming Rights
  • Bartering
  • Branded Entertainment (Product placement)
  • Measurement of ROI (Return on Investment)

    ROI measurements should be based on clearly set targets such as the increase of brand awareness, the results from activating campaigns, leads or the development of sales and turnover figures.

    To a certain extent also visits, unique visits and page impressions can be used to measure ROI.

    Initially it is important to define the set targets for Sponsoring engagements. A SWOT-analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) can help defining Sponsoring goals by means of company´s characteristics.

    1. What is the core of our company? (Products, services, identity)
    2. Where do we stand? (Market position)
    3. What can we achieve? (Options)
    4. What should we achieve? (Objectives)

    Defined goals can be translated into 6 variables to measure our performance accordingly (Source: Forrester):

    1. User reach – What range do our messages have?
    2. User impact – How do our messages change consumers opinions?
    3. Volume of participation – How many consumers interact with our initiatives?
    4. Quality of participation – Strength and depth of interdependency of consumers with our initiatives.
    5. Volume of energy – How many consumers talk about our companies/products?
    6. Quality of energy – In which way do consumers talk about us?

    For these variables we present measuring instruments:

    – Data collection
    – Opinion polls
    – Coupons
    – Visits
    – Purchasing
    – Downloads
    – Freebies

    Regardless of which approach the decision is made by, it should be used before, during and after the event.

    Examples for quantitative measures:

    The success of a Sponsoring campaign can, for example, be measured reasonably with the following questions and data collections:

    Examples for quantitative measures:
    – Measuring sales figures reached through Sponsoring.
    – Measuring sales figures amongst clients who participated in the sponsored event.
    – Evaluation of the media data: presence in TV, online, press coverage.
    – Website-figures during the Sponsoring.
    – Facebook or Twitter likes and followers
    – Brand alertness amongst participants and non-participants.

    Examples for qualitative measures:
    – Brand perception amongst visitors who experienced the sponsored event.
    – “Best-Sponsor”-status amongst fans or visitors.
    – Understanding brand functionality amongst specific pressure groups.
    – Change of brand preference amongst those who experienced the sponsored event.
    – Affinity to buy the brand due to Sponsoring.
    – Staff motivation








    What we do for event organizers / hosts and cultural organisations

    Sponsoring takers commission us to develop sales generating measures, find Sponsors or improve the organisation´s management.

    We help event organizers to boost their Sponsoring-turnover

    We develop Sponsoring programs resulting in custom-made solutions for your event leading to collaboration with the suitable Sponsor.

    Pentaship has helped many of its clients to generate six- and seven-digit turnover gain by making offers more relevant and precious – for new and existing company partners.

    And this is our approach:

    Sponsoring evaluation for Sponsoring takers

    Regional activities and global events – the ability to justify the calculated Sponsoring amounts convincingly is crucial for the success.

    Pentaship makes a profound analysis of any Sponsoring offer.

    Our analysis enables our clients to self-confident negotiations knowing to call up a fair market value.
    Our ratings include the following Sponsoring criteria:

    Unsere Bewertungsskala umfasst unter anderem folgende Sponsoring-Kriterien:

  • Audience loyalty
  • Prestige and exclusiveness of Sponsoring offer
  • Cost-benefit ratio
  • Effects on brand based on geographical range
  • Competitiveness of Sponsor category
  • Duration of Sponsors´ commitment
  • Our methodology helps finding the suitable Sponsoring partner for many major events by offering the ideal Sponsoring packages for an appropriate price.








    Performance measurement

    To win over new Sponsors and their loyalty event organisers need substantial arguments. The competition to get shares of the Sponsoring budget is big between sports, entertainment, art, common public interest and other associations. This explains the importance to communicate the true value of your event convincingly.

    Investigating the public, the fans, participants and members meets two tasks for event organisers:

    1. Approach of Sponsors: Analysing the public´s lifestyle, consumption habits and brand loyalty is crucial to demonstrate how your event matches with a certain brand. Sponsors need more than just demographic figures; they want to be sure their event is fully coordinated with their target group.

    2. Report value performance for current Sponsors: Verifying that Sponsoring has a positive impact on a brand´s value is essential for the long-term binding of any current Sponsor. Brands need proof that Sponsoring is working to improve their image, acceptance and recognition.

    Pentaship provides the necessary measurements, analyses and suggestions for improvement. Our experience will help event organizers and brands to create long-term ties with current and potential Sponsors