Mission Statement

Pentaship was founded in 1998 to improve the Sponsoring market with better communication, quicker transactions and a distinct price transparency. Today´s Sponsoring world is more networked, quicker, mobile and complex. Our dynamic reaction to this change is a contemporary agency model: The Sponsorship agency as network.

Our network of specialized agencies and freelancers from all fields enables Pentaship to deploy the best experts for our clients. At the same time Pentaship can lower costs significantly for counselling, marketing, activation/PR and communication compared to other agencies.

Pentaship offers full service covering the entire Sponsoring market:

- Organizing sponsors

- Sponsoring advice

- Evaluation and re-structuring

The significance of Sponsoring will keep on growing. Pentaship makes this potential accessible for our clients by making the Sponsoring market more innovative and more liquid.

areas of expertise:

Kunst  |   CSR   |  Music  |   Film  |   Entertainment  and for charity reasons.